Stress and Growth

Chase Scroggins
Sep 28, 2021


Growth exists outside of the comfort zone.

This is true in sports, business, fitness, mental and spiritual journeys, relationships, etc.

In Peak Performance, (book) studies reveal that in all of the above areas, growth is best achieved by going through periods of stress and discomfort followed by rest.

Take a moment to think about how you view stress.

Is it productive? Counterproductive?

Don’t confuse this with burnout. Burnout exists when you’re out of alignment with your mission and core values.

But stress, or strategic discomfort, followed by strategic rests, will take your game to the next level.

In what ways can you push yourself beyond your comfort zone this week?

What does rest mean to you, and how can you strategically create rest time to allow yourself to recover?

Commit to your answers to these two questions and crush it.