To Be.. or To Do?

Chase Scroggins
Oct 25, 2021


To Be… Or To Do?

In Ryan Holiday’s book, Enemy is the Ego, this quote is examined.

In today’s world of non-stop showcasing of wins and the “highlights” it can be easy to “be” and to avoid the “do.”

To “Do” is to put in the work.

Whatever that means for you, don’t stop doing it.

Let your actions and results propel you forward.

“Be” whoever it is that your work ethic and results allow you to be.

Avoid feeding the ego simply for the sake of obtaining external validation.

People already want to see you win and are cheering for you whether you know it or not.

Keep putting in the work and not only will your fans keep cheering, but you’ll become someone in the process that you’re truly proud of, even when people aren’t looking.