What are you doing?

Chase Scroggins
Oct 11, 2021


Photo by Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash

What are you doing it for?

Each day you get up and go to work on multiple areas of your life. Why?

What drives you to keep showing up?

We hear a lot about finding our “why” but let’s open the conversation about Legacy.

When our time is up, we leave behind our life’s work and creations to the world: Our legacy.

Imagine reading an article about yourself 100 years from now…What does it say about you?

How do people know you and remember you?

Did you play small or were you known for going all in on your passions, projects, and people?

What contributions are you making to the world each day?

Even positively impacting one person per day can compound into a great legacy.

Visualize the most impactful version of yourself this week and get after it.