What are you subscribed to?

Chase Scroggins
1 min readNov 27, 2021


What are you subscribed to?

What/who gets your attention on a recurring and automatic basis?

What are the things you’re consistently giving your time and energy to without even being aware?

In a literal sense, the subscription model in business is so profitable because people forget they’re subscribed or it becomes so automatic that it’s never even on their financial radar.

For example, Netflix and Apple Music can seem like necessities because of how common and easy it is to remain subscribed.

It will always take more focus to unsubscribe from something in your life, but don’t be afraid to audit your subscriptions:

Who’s consistently getting your time, money, love, focus, and efforts?

What thoughts and belief systems have become automatic?

Are they serving you or holding you back?

What is getting YOU on a consistent basis?

Do they deserve you on a consistent basis?

Are you getting an ROI from your subscriptions?

That ROI could be in regards to your finances, love and fulfillment, mental and physical health, time, etc.

If you find that something is taking more than giving, unsubscribe, or at least limit the frequency.